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Job Interview or Desperate Plea for Employment?


Interview (Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci)

You can tell unemployment ain’t fun, from the beginning of my second post. I may not have bills to pay because I pulled the “move back into the nest” trick, very popular among the twenty-somethings of today. But after loafing around for so long, I really miss the excitement of getting a pay check and spending most of my waking hours couped up in a windowless place that is not my home. Read the rest of this entry


From Bus to Shore

Unemployment can drive a person mad. Rather than helping the situation, the compulsion of checking online job boards multiple times in a single day compounded the frustration of not receiving any calls for interviews and the uncertainty of when this waiting would all end. Nowadays, I check once in the morning, send out some resumes, and then seek a distraction.

My distraction this past Tuesday was Atlantic City. Read the rest of this entry