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Superstition: An Unusual Answer to an Unusual Question

I am definitely not your go-to person for witty comebacks if you need one at the spur of the moment. My reflexes are too slow. If someone hurls an insult at you as a joke, sorry, I can’t salvage your pride even if I’m your best friend. I can hardly defend myself. You might see me laughing at you but please know I’m feeling really guilty and helpless that my nerve synapses couldn’t deliver a decent response in time to save you.

Want something snappy from me? You might have to give me a few days. It might even take weeks, and in this case, a few months to think of a good response. Read the rest of this entry


Job Interview or Desperate Plea for Employment?


Interview (Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci)

You can tell unemployment ain’t fun, from the beginning of my second post. I may not have bills to pay because I pulled the “move back into the nest” trick, very popular among the twenty-somethings of today. But after loafing around for so long, I really miss the excitement of getting a pay check and spending most of my waking hours couped up in a windowless place that is not my home. Read the rest of this entry

“I’ll Flag Him Down for You!”

English: Back View of Jane Austen, Watercolor

English:Jane Austen, Watercolor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you’re my age and still single, sometimes your family thinks it’s necessary to make interventions. They mean well, I’m sure. But once in a while I find myself entangled in some hairbrained-scheme Read the rest of this entry

Confessions of a Neurotic Blogger with Comorbid Online Identity Crisis

Pinocchio DSM 5

Pinocchio DSM 5 (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

In honor of the expanded diagnostic criteria recently published in DSM-5, I’m going to write another humor post… Read the rest of this entry

Stocks, Bonds, and Beanie Babies

A Story of Capital Loss

Yesterday morning I started cleaning the basement. This would be no small task. It may even turn into a week-long project, as I rummage through bags of ancient Christmas presents, old clothes, old books, mementos, garden supplies, and evidence of our patronage to Costco. Read the rest of this entry